Ever experienced the feeling when life feels like a blind race in which you’re trying to achieve something you don’t even know. When there’s no will power to do the next task because you’re a slave to your routine. In the race of being better you’ ve lost yourself…


World is not a scary place, we see the world through scared eyes!

I recently went for an entrance examination. The center was a college on the outskirts of my city. I had never visited the college before, neither I knew the way. Somehow I reached the venue but found that the place was so deserted. I stepped out of my car to search for a watchman whom I found sitting across the closed gate at a distance. I asked him if the examination was to be held in the same college. While I was questioning him a taxi arrived and a girl stepped out. Not paying much attention to her I continued listening to the watchman who was explaining the way to the second gate of college. The girl asked the watchman the same question and the watchman, rather than explaining the same way again asked me to tell her. I observed that the girl was not a Punjabi. She looked different and spoke in a different accent. I felt like helping her as she was unknown to the place. I offered her a lift till the second gate which was at a five minutes distance. The girl accepted my offer and asked me to wait in my car. In the mean time she went back to her taxi to pay the driver.

The moment I sat in my car, some thoughts started haunting me. I thought she might rob me, She might hurt me and this is going to sound funny but I thought she might kidnap me. The good side of me had offered her help but the perceptions which we have made about society were making me regret my decision. What followed next was something so contrary to my expectations. (more…)

Happiness is about giving

I live in a home city. small and cozy, good for anybody who wants to live it simple. I feel so thankful to be born n bought in such a city where I realized what living is about. a city which wakes up every morning, reaches the peak of its energy and as the evening proceeds, get calm again.

I generally eat in canteen of my college and my lunch box gets back as it was packed. today while I was coming back a little girl knocked at the window of my car. she was asking me for money. I wont say she was a beggar, for me she was happiness, she was the positive of my day and she was the good in me. I asked (more…)