Happiness is about giving

I live in a home city. small and cozy, good for anybody who wants to live it simple. I feel so thankful to be born n bought in such a city where I realized what living is about. a city which wakes up every morning, reaches the peak of its energy and as the evening proceeds, get calm again.

I generally eat in canteen of my college and my lunch box gets back as it was packed. today while I was coming back a little girl knocked at the window of my car. she was asking me for money. I wont say she was a beggar, for me she was happiness, she was the positive of my day and she was the good in me. I asked her, if she would accept a roti from my lunchbox. I still remember the expression on her face when she said yes. I gave her the roti and she went. I got indulged in some other thoughts and then the red light ended and as I proceeded further in the traffic my eyes caught the little one again and this time she was sitting on the foot path and enjoying the supper she had acquired.

I don’t think anything has made a better image in the past one month. she was happy and so made me happy. no matter what you are going through in life, no matter what hardships you are facing, life is not about having a count of the stress and responsibilities. life resides in the present moment and making a difference in the present moment. had I not offered her the roti, I would have never realized how I could make a difference in someone ‘s day and specially when that someone is a little angel like her.

keeping all my responsibilities aside and keeping the exam I have tomorrow aside, I just want to offer her food once more or may be again n again to see that beautiful moment again. but they say that life changes and so does the world. who knows whether she would be there tomorrow or not. but I wish, i just wish…


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